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About Muze

​Inspired by Mother Nature ,
We Re-interpret Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom in Modern Way
​ and Incorporate Holistic Healthy Lifestyle into People's Daily Life

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Muze represents our gratitude to Wonderful Mother Nature.

Nature inspires human beings on Creativity, Science , Nourishment and so on. Ayurveda is one of them. 

​Inspired by Mother Nature , We Re-interpret Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom in Modern Way and Incorporate Holistic Healthy Lifestyle into People's Daily Life

What is Ayurveda ?

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Ayurveda in Sanskrit means “the Science of Life”.  

Ayurveda is a Holistic Healing System originated in India & Sri Lanka more than 5,000 years ago and is often called the “Mother of All Healing."

It views humans as a complex whole, including their external / internal environment and derives its practice from universal laws of nature. 

It reminds us that the entire web of life is intricately interwoven  - the health of the one depends on the health of the many, and that the health of the many in turn depends on the health of the one.  We call it the Cycle of Health, and it is where we build our foundation on.  We uphold the principles of interdependence - the interdependence of people, ecologies, and economies It is our mission to promote harmonization of mankind's internal and external worlds - To Reconnect your Body, Mind, Spirit & Social Well-being with Nature in the right way. 

Quality · Environment Consciousness · Sustainability · Ethic

We give Quality · Environment Consciousness · Sustainability and Ethic to Equal Priority

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Supporting Muze means valuing Quality. We are partnering with selected individual suppliers and organic groups which use an integrated network of over 1300 farmers, out growers and processors throughout the island to bring you our best products. 

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Art of Living Well

Supporting Muze means appreciating The Art of Living Well.  Our artisan blending of herbs, spices and different natural ingredients not only make Muze products high in nutritional value, but also pacify ​your 5 senses (Sight, Smell, Taste, Hearing, Touch).  The​ Art of Living Well . 

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Enviroment Consciousness

Supporting Muze means supporting Environment Consciousness. Being aware of the natural environment, we make choices on cultivation, processing and packaging that benefit the earth, rather than hurt it.  Most of our selected partners are primarily committed to using only organic, environmentally and socially ethical methods in growing and processing of our products.

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Sustainability & Ethic

Supporting Muze means you concern Sustainability &  Ethic.  We are not only upholding environmental sustainability , but also pay large concern on economic sustainability.  We only work with suppliers who fairly treat their people , while some of them are Fair Trade certified.   

contributing to the World and Local Comm

Supporting​ Muze means contributing to the World and Local Community. We and our partners are equally passionate about the quality of life of farmers, workers and employees and more importantly our impact on the environment and society.


Supporting Muze means you are being guaranteed. Our suppliers acquired key characteristics that meet the specific requirements in growing, processing or value-adding to the product as per international standards like European (EU), Japanese (JAS) as well as Us standards of National Organic Programmed (USDA-NOP)

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