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Eco-Tribe Concept

Fur babies are part of our family already, how can we not include them in our eco-friendly & sustainable living?

Check out Woof & Purr Pet Bowtie

Muze Woof & Purr Plant / Natural Dyed Pet bow hong kong
Muze natural dye handmade pet bow hong kong

About Plant / Natural Dye

Let’s go back to nature to seek answers and looking into ancient knowledge for wisdom. 


The holistic practice of Ayurveda is offering creative and conscious fashion solutions that are not only beneficial for the health of the wearers, but also good for the environment.


Our Artisan harnessing this ancient knowledge and referring to Ayurvedic recipes to dye fabrics. 

These recipes call for the use of plants, where colours are extracted and medicinal qualities are obtained, imbued onto fabrics and transferred to the wearer.


As the skin is the largest organ, by wearing fabrics that carry these health benefits, the medicinal properties can be directly absorbed into the bodies

Muze Woof & Purr Natural dye handmade pet bow hong kong

Benefits of Natural Dye:

Our Fabric is colored according to the wisdom of Ayurveda by using 100% natural plant dyes rich in medicinal properties. The fabrics are known locally as 'healing cloths' used more for health than for fashion


Natural plant dyes are dyes or colorants derived from plants or minerals. Each of our natural colors is achieved using mindfully selected herbs, spices, plants, flowers, roots and barks, 100% vegan.


Benefits of Natural dye:


The dye material ( plants / herbs / flowers etc) are entirely natural and non-toxic unlike chemical dyes. It doesn’t harm the environment, the user or the artist who dyes the fabrics.



The dye baths  (pool of water use for coloring fabric) are used to water the artists’ in-house gardens. When used in the right amount, leftover dye baths can complement the growth of certain plants. If not gardening, the dye baths are neutralized and released. At any point these are not released into water bodies or to any place where it can harm or destabilize the environment or soil.


▍Zero waste

Even a tiny piece of fabric is not discarded. Check out the loop on the tag, it is made of the scape fabric from the bow.


▍Low Carbon Footprint  & Biodegradable

The fabric - Hand spun khadi do not use intensive machinery or energy and has low carbon footprint. It is crafted using natural fibres and is biodegradable and does not generate any toxic waste products.


▍ Empowerment & Ethical

The Khadi fabric directly from government authorized centres (KVIC). Thus eliminating any middlemen involved and the exploitation of manpower while also providing authenticity.


Most of the people involved with the project work from homes and it is mostly comprised of women and provides job opportunities to housewives who are skilled but find it hard to fit into regular office hours. We provide fair wages and value skill, we believe honesty and respect hard work are more than anything

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