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Peepal Leaf 菩提葉

Leaf of ‘Bodhi Tree’

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Peepal tree (popularly known as ‘Bodhi Tree’) is considered auspicious in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment under this native deciduous tree of India. 

This tree is a symbol of the Universe’s never-ending expanse – indeed, it is revered across the Indian subcontinent, particularly amongst the Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists, as the Tree of Life.

The Peepal is a true ‘Tree of Life’ even in the scientific sense. Unlike other trees, it releases oxygen even at night. According to the science of Ayurveda, every part of Pipal tree is useful for treating numerous health issues and ailments. This tree can cure as many as 50 disorders, including diarrhoea, epilepsy and gastric troubles.

Peepal Tree and Ayurveda

Ayurveda explains how every part of the sacred fig tree can be used for holistic wellbeing. It works powerfully on Kapha (Water) and Pitta (Fire) Dosha imbalances. 

The manner in which various parts of the Peepal eliminate water and phlegm (sweating, therapeutic vomiting, diuretic action, and expectorant effects); as well as heat (skin surface and internal purgation, antipyretic/temperature reduction) has a beneficial and balancing impact on digestive and skin health.

The Peepal leaf is inherently astringent. When heated, it acts as a purgative tonic. Few common uses of peepal leaves are:

  • Treating persistent skin itching

  • Repairing Dry, cracked heels

  • Treating boils, pimples, and blackheads

The bark of the Peeple tree, rich in vitamin K, is an effective complexion corrector and preserver; which makes bark extractions valuable for:

  • Strengthening blood capillaries and minimising inflammation

  • Healing skin bruises faster, and increasing skin resilience

  • Treating pigmentation issues, wrinkles, dark circles

  • Lightening surgery and pregnancy marks, scars, and stretch marks.

The nutrient rich peepal leaf and peepal bark help are used as a part of numerous Ayurvedic health remedies. Let’s now explore some powerful Peeple tree uses and benefits for health and beauty.

Peepal Tree and Banyan Tree - The Twin Flame 

The Banyan, or Vata (Sanskrit), and Peepal varieties are treated as Male and Female counterparts of each other, which is why they are often cultivated in close proximity. Banyan has similar uses and is treated as a remedy for:

  • Swelling, skin wounds, and excessive sweating

  • Uterine strengthening, vaginal diseases, and breast firming in women

  • Premature ejaculation in men

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