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Phytic Acid 植酸

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Phytic acid is derived from grains, legumes and rice.

It is a mild Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA) that has a plethora of benefits, ranging skin moisturizing, wrinkle reduction to deep chemical peeling of the skin. It acts by promoting exfoliation in our skin and speeding up the natural skin cell rejuvenation cycle.

Most skin types should be able to tolerate phytic acid, but there are a few skin types it may provide numerous benefits for. “It’s often found in skincare made for skin brightening or reducing pigmentation but is suitable for acne-prone skin. When used in isolation, it can be used on sensitive skin types, too.

Gentlest AHA

The benefits of phytic acid include decongestion of the skin, skin brightening effects, reduction of free radical damage and pigmentation in the skinPhytic acid is similar to glycolic and lactic acid. These other two acids are stronger and work by causing a chemical exfoliation in the skin. Phytic acid is the gentlest of the three and causes little exfoliation or irritation to the skin. When phytic acid is combined with glycolic acid, this produces a powerful combination in products, such as toners or peels, for maximum benefit.