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How to Self-Abhyanga - Ayurvedic Daily Self-Massage


0:00 - Intro to Abhyanga. Preparing for Abhyanga.

2:30 - Begin oil application: Crown of Head

3:23 - Face

4:03 - Ears

4:22 - Apply oil to entire body

4:33 - Neck & Throat

4:56 - Front Torso

5:08 - Navel

5:46 - Back

6:48 - Shoulder, Arms, Hands, Fingers

9:00 - Hip, Legs, Feet, Toes

11:31 - Ending Abhyanga (can do Sukshma Vyayama)


What You Will Need


Use the oil that suitable for your dosha. A medicated Abhyanga oil is preferred as it enhances the detoxification and nourishing actions of the oil. Warm ~ 1/4 cup of oil (double-boiler style / hot water immersion) or use at room-temp. Avoid directly heating your oil.

Designated Abhyanga Towel(s):

Sit on any large towel you don't mind getting oily. This will protect surfaces from oil drops & splashes, and you from slipping. Use a dedicated towel post-bath as well.

Space & Time


Find a warm place with no cold drafts.


Leave oil on the body for a min. of 10mins & max of 48mins

While Waiting:

While Oil is on the body, this can be great time to do Sukshma Vyayam (light exercise). Inducing a light sweat hear assists with the purification process. You may also perform nasya, pranayama, meditation, or just simply rest.

Wash Off

Wash or wipe the oil off within 48mins. Toxins accumulated in the oil will begin to re-absorb after this time.

Water Temperature:

Use mild / Lukewarm temp, water on the head (neither hot nor cold). May use warmer water below the collarbone, especially at legs & feet (great for circulation)


Best to use no soap, a dosha specifc soap. for hair, best to apply and lather shamppo before rinsing with water, try adding baking soda to rid of excess oil.

Step 1 - Head & Face

Step 2 - Neck & Torso

Step 3 - Back

Step 4 - Arms & Hands

Step 5 - Legs & Feet

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