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Easter Fruity & Floral Treasure Tea Jelly Egg 復活節花果珍寶茶凍彩蛋

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About the Recipe

Conjure your imagination, let make this Easter Jelly egg dessert together !
Muze LIT UP wellness tea contains tantalizing fruity and aromatic floral taste, this deliciously rich fusion with Ceylon spice just perfectly make the jelly taste so delightful! Happy Easter!


  • Muze LIT UP wellness tea

  • 500ml Mineral Water

  • 3pcs Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers

  • 3pcs Dried Longan

  • 15pcs Winter Melon Strips

  • 6g Dried Wolfberries

  • 4pcs Dried Rose Buds with Peeled Petals

  • 2pcs Dried Red Dates

  • A bit of pineapple or any fruit you like

  • White Fungus

  • 3g Agar-Agar Powder

  • Muze LIT UP 健康茶

  • 500ml 礦泉水

  • 3 朵菊花

  • 3 片龍眼乾

  • 15條糖冬瓜

  • 6g 乾枸杞

  • 4 支干玫瑰花蕾帶花瓣

  • 2 個乾紅棗

  • 一點菠蘿 (或任何你喜歡的水果也可)

  • 銀耳

  • 3g 寒天粉/大菜粉/燕菜精


  • Brew 2 tbsp. of Muze LIT UP wellness tea with mineral water for 3 minutes, strain

  • Infuse Muze LIT UP wellness tea with the rest of the ingredients

  • Add Agar-Agar powder into the mixture

  • Pour into desired mould and chill for 2 hours or until the mixture sets

  • Served chilled

  • 以礦泉水沖泡2 湯匙Muze LIT UP 養生茶3 分鐘,,把茶過濾出來

  • 將其餘成分加入Muze LIT UP 養生茶茶中

  • 將寒天粉/大菜粉/燕菜精加入以上混合物中

  • 倒入所需的模具並冷卻 2 小時或直到混合物凝固

  • 凝固後即可食用

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