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Moringa Popsicle Recipe   “奇跡之樹“辣木葉雪條

Moringa Popsicle Recipe “奇跡之樹“辣木葉雪條

2 serving 2人分量


Need a cure for the warm weather? We got Moringa Popsicle recipe for you! The best things about these popsicles are they taste refreshing and you don’t need fancy tools to make them!

好熱好熱啊~ 想要涼浸浸嘅消暑野, 但又挑挑剔剔要健康至o岩胃口? 無問題, 即刻黎個superfood “奇跡之樹“辣木葉雪條食譜~ 好refresh又有營養~


  1. Add Blueboots Farm moringa powder, coconut milk and honey into a blender and mix until smooth. Divide it into the popsicle molds evenly. Freeze.

  2. Same thing for the mango layer. Add mangoes, coconut milk and lemon juice into a blender and mix them. 

  3. Check if the moringa layer is set enough by pressing into the surface. If it is still quite wobbly, freeze a bit more. If it is quite firm, then you can pour the mango mixture in. Freeze for few hours until they are fully set.

  4. Take the popsicles out of their molds and enjoy!

1) 將 Muze 有機 辣木粉、椰奶和蜂蜜加入攪拌機中,攪拌至光滑。然後將佢均勻地倒入雪條模具中。冷藏。

2) 芒果層同樣做法。將芒果、椰奶和檸檬汁加入攪拌機中攪拌。

3) 輕壓之前雪好的 辣木層檢查是否已凝固,硬度可以的話, 就可以將攪拌好的芒果層混合物倒進辣木層上。

4) 再次放入雪櫃冷凍幾個小時。 直到雪條完全凝固, 即可將其從模具中取出,就可以盡情享用了!


Moringa Layer
1 tsp Blueboots Farm moringa powder
⅔ cup Coconut milk
2-3 tsp Honey

Mango Layer
1 cup Fresh mango
¼ cup Coconut milk
½ Juice of lemon


1 茶匙 Muze 有機 辣木粉






½ 檸檬汁

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