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Thousand Eye Moringa - Gluten Free

Thousand Eye Moringa - Gluten Free

45 Minutes (Dry time 1 day)
45 分鐘




  • Instruction for the Royal icing for eyeballs (Do it at least 1 day before making the cookies):

1. Beat egg whites large bowl with mixer at high speed until foamy

2. Gradually add sugar and lemon extract.

3. Beat at high speed until thickened and desired consistency

4. If it is too thick add a few drops a water, a little at a time. If it is too runny add some more sugar.

5. Take out a small portion into a small mixing bowl, then add black food color into it and mix the togther. (Starting with a smaller amount of gel and darkening it a few drops at a time until you’ve reached the desired shade.

*** If you look closely, this icing isn’t super black. That’s because even when using a large amount of color, in the beginning black icing can lack depth.To achieve that super-saturated, deep black color, give it a little time to develop (that’s a fancy way of saying get darker). You’ll be surprised what a difference a few hours make.

  • Instruction for candy eyeballs (Do it at least 1 day before making the cookies):

1. In order for the eyes to end up flat, we are going to do the “wet on wet” technique. This means that as soon as you put a dot of white (or a couple), you put a dot of black right on top, before it dries at all. ( If you wait for the white to dry, you will have more 3D looking eyes. )

2. You can make different style eyes by taking a toothpick and dragging the icing out a little, then put the black dot on.

3. All of your eyes will need to dry a full 24 hours before they pop right off your parchment paper. Then you can just stash them in a zip-loc bag until you need them.

  • Instruction for cookies:

1. In a bowl, work the soft butter together with the sugar with an electric mizer

2. Add the egg and mix well

3. Add the salt, flour, baking powder and Moringa powder.

4. Work the mixture well with spatula: it must have the consistency of ice cream – compact and creamy

5. Place the compound obtained in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

6. After this time, take a spoonful of dough and form balls with your hands.

7. Arrange them in the pan covered with baking paper well-spaced, because they will flatten during cooking.

8. Complete the balls with the eye-shaped sprinkles by pressing them well on the surface.

9. Bake the cookies at 180 in a static oven for 15mins until the edges start to brown

10. take them out and let them cool completely.


Ingredients for cookies (10pcs):

95g butter

80g cane sugar

1 egg

1 pinch of salt

160g rice flour

6g baking powder

1 teaspoon of Moringa powder

Ingredients for Royal icing for eyeballs (10pcs):

1.5 egg whites

1.5 C powdered sugar

1/3 tsp lemon extract optional

water as needed

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